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Apprentice Production Engineer Vacancy

Position now filled

Apprentice Production Engineer 2021

The production engineer role will include training during the initial period within the manufacturing area, where the candidate will spend time learning in key manufacturing centres including cutting using punching and laser technology, product forming of components and welding. During this period there would also be exposure to machining in our Toolroom and learning the quality engineering function. There would also be experience in semi-skilled sections including fastener insertion, assembly, painting and screen print activities.
The final 2 years of the apprenticeship training will be office based and focussed on engineering development, programming and quotations, we anticipate the candidate would be fully competent in these disciplines at the end of the apprenticeship program. The training would cover part development including drafting in 2D development of 3d models, design for manufacture, working with internal and external customers developing and improving existing products and processes. Learning both punch and laser part programming, including tool development and Quotations for new parts and projects.

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