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Continuous Improvement Programme At FiFab

We have an on-going continuous improvement programme, because at FiFab we understand that our workforce is our greatest asset. We, therefore, do everything we can to keep them safe and provide them with the best opportunities to develop.

From our intensive operator training schemes, our role in “DYW” (Developing the Young Workforce in Fife), to our long standing apprenticeship programme, we invest heavily in retaining our workforce and assisting them with their individual career progression.

Our on-going continuous improvement programme, which encourages our employees to propose ideas on possible ways to improve our efficiency and productivity.

The initiative concentrates on seven key areas of waste, which also help improve our sustainability, namely: overproduction; inventory; transport; process; idle time; operator motion and bad quality. Previous successes include going ‘paperless’ in Payroll and the redesign of product movement containers.

At FiFab we are also passionate about our future workforce. Our apprenticeship scheme and impressive work experience programme, helps us to ensure we always have a highly-skilled and consistent skill base. 

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