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FiFab Summer ’19 Internship

This summer FiFab will be providing Strathcylde University student Alex (pictured) with an Internship that will see him get involved with the manufacturing and practical side of Engineering throughout our factory.

Alex is in his 2nd Year at University studying Mechanical Engineering.

Alex said:

I got into engineering as a big fan of motorsport and F1 in particular and tried to get involved in as much as I could while at school. I was lucky enough to win a trip to NASA in Houston, with Strathclyde, when I was 17. The whole trip was an incredible experience and being able to see the cutting edge of engineering and science made me certain that this was my passion and what I would pursue as a career. 

I have a strong interest in the manufacturing and practical side of engineering so I think that Fifab will be a great place to learn, pick up valuable skills and gain an understanding into how an engineering business is run. I can’t wait to get started this summer with FiFab and hope that I can help contribute to the success of the business as a summer intern.

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