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Finding Good Engineering Talent

Many engineering employers find it difficult to identify and attract good talent either for future recruitment or as a resource for small projects.

That’s where The Engineering Academy at the University of Strathclyde comes in and matches talented undergraduates with those employers through summer placements.

Fife Fabrications found this to be a valuable program, with John Penman (Managing Director) having this to say:
it was a great experience working with Alex and the team from Strathclyde, we look forward to continuing this programme in 2020. We received part funding through the Santander SME Internship Programme which allowed us to reclaim 50% of Alex’s salary over a 10 week period

Alexander Paterson, who had completed his 2nd year of Mechanical Engineering Degree before working at Fifab said:
I highly enjoyed my time at FiFab and learned a huge amount about the industry, forming the opinion that anyone in a design role should have relevant experience in manufacturing. I appreciated the trust FiFab showed in me, giving me valuable advice and support which I will carry with me throughout my entire career.

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