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Foundation Apprenticeship Positive Feedback For Fife Fabrications

Hannah Reid carried out a Foundation Apprenticeship with Fife Fabrications.

“Throughout my two weeks at FiFab I learned a lot about the how the company operates. I was able to build upon a range of my existing skills such as communication, problem solving and teamwork. I was also lucky enough to develop a range of new skills as part of the experiences I had. I was part of a project where I had to help figure out how to hold a component in a jig securely, to allow it to be welded. I spent a lot of time with inspection team where I was measuring components to ensure that they were within tolerance and accurate. I also spent time with engineers who showed me an insight into what they do as Engineers.  
Overall I absolutely enjoyed my experience and I mostly enjoyed being part of a team, trying new things and the hands on learning. This has helped to build my understanding or the Engineering sector.” 
Hannah Reid 
Foundation Apprentice

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