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Investing in new technology | Fife Fabrications makes six-figure investment in new equipment

As part of Fife Fabrications’ dedication to continually investing in the latest innovative technology, it has recently installed four new Haeger® Machines at its manufacturing plant in Glenrothes. The almost £200,000 investment includes two 8-series and two 6-series machines.

Fife Fabrications is one of the most advanced manufacturers of precision sheet metalwork, electromechanical assemblies, and precision machined components in the UK, offering a complete service from design for manufacture support to manufacturing and full customer delivery. This investment in new technology ensures that Fife Fabrications can continue to be flexible to the needs of its customers, increasing its capability to deliver the highest quality products at the lowest possible acquisition cost.

Installed in April 2022, the four state-of-the-art Haeger Machines fit a variety of PEM-style fasteners and press forms into sheet metal components. Each of the new units comes equipped with touch-screen technology and have up to date PEM catalogues stored in their memory, with the 8-series boasting an impressive capacity to store up to 500 individual setups relating to specific jobs.

The benefits of this new technology expand across many areas of the business. The ability to preload PEM settings removes the need to manually set the machines, allowing for improved quality and increased productivity. The new technology also uses significantly less energy to power the machines, meaning a reduction in Fife Fabrications’ carbon footprint.

A key focus for Fife Fabrications is investing in local talent and the new Haeger Machines allow many learning and development opportunities for staff, trainees and apprentices, offering clear benefits to the team, as well as to customers.

Sales Manager at Fife Fabrications, Colin Paterson, said of the new technology:

“Through significant investment in this new technology, we are improving setup times and automating aspects of the job that were previously very manual. The aim for us is to always build on our capabilities and expertise, allowing us to continue to provide customer service which is a cut above. The new Haeger Machines ensure our services can move to the next level and increase our ability to design and deliver the highest quality products for our customers.”

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