Precision Sheet Metal Work

We offer you a broad range of best in class precision sheet metal manufacturing and fabrication services. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements, we would be happy to help.

Laser Cutting


We offer you laser cutting as a fast, flexible and economical means of precision sheet metal cutting. Our laser profiling delivers supreme flexibility and quickly handles profiles of almost limitless complexity. This ability to cut complex shapes efficiently eliminates the need for additional operations, saving on overall cost.

CNC Punching


Our CNC punching service offers you a fast and cost effective method for making simple profiles in large volumes. Our punching machines generate simple formed features at rapid processing speeds, such as dimples, louvres, logos and EKOs, reducing the need for additional operations, again saving on overall cost.


Metal Forming


We offer you sector leading technology in folding precision sheet metal components with a total of four Safan E-brake Press Brakes, capable of bending up to 3 metre lengths in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium.


Welding and Fabrications


We offer you both manual MIG welding and TIG welding and comprehensive metal dressing as part of our sheet metal fabrication service; with an ability to weld mild steel, Zintec and aluminium components to create best in class custom precision sheet metal fabrications.

Powder, wet paint and silk screening


We provide powder, wet paint and silk screening within our turnkey sheet metal and fabrication engineering solutions. Our fully automated powder paint coating includes pre-treatment areas, drying ovens, powder painting booths and stoving ovens.

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