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Staff Spotlight | Marlene Joyce

At FiFab, we are committed to making the difference, and our people behind the scenes are what allows us to live that value. We want to introduce you to key people in the team who have worked with FiFab to deliver a reputation for quality, flexibility, and customer service.

In this edition, we speak with Customer Service Coordinator, Marlene Joyce:


What is your role at FiFab and what does it involve?

My role at FiFab is being the first point of contact for our customers, reporting to our Sales Manager, Colin Paterson.  Our customers know that they can call/email me if they need assistance with any aspect of their order/delivery, and it will be dealt with promptly.  So many companies nowadays have call centre’s, and I know how frustrating it is not to speak to the right person, so I treat our customers how I would like to be treated when I’m looking for customer service.  Predominantly, my role involves, contract review (order processing), customer re-schedules, delivery queries/updates, exports, and working with various other departments to produce our customers orders.  In a nut shell, I ensure our customers receive their parts on-time, to the correct revision/standard and at the correct price.


How did you learn about FiFab and why did you want to work for the company?

I was working in Bathgate for HMRC, and having a young child, the travelling time was a problem, and I wanted to find a job closer to home.  I applied, and after 2 interviews with John Penman, and a 500 word essay as to why FiFab should employ me, I got the job.  My background industry was Electronic Component Distribution, and it was great to find the customers that I knew from my previous Employer, bought their metalwork from FiFab, so I already knew them, and it was great to work with them again.


What is your favourite innovation at FiFab?

Our ERP system, which it continually allows FIFAB to be innovative with systems and processes.  I am able to take a call from a customer,  check the system as to where their part is in the manufacturing process, and what sections the part still has to go through, and being able to relay that in real time to the customer.


What is the best thing about working for FiFab?

Every day is different, as we don’t manufacture one particular product, we are servicing so many different Industries at any one time, and I like the challenge of achieving that.  I also have to say the people,  in my role I have to interact with Estimating, Purchasing, Production, Engineering, Dispatch, Quality and Finance, so I’m definitely a people person.


What is next for your career with Fifab?

Currently training in Quoting & Finance, and FiFab always encourage and offer courses and training to all employees, which I will continue to attend.


John Penman & the team at FiFab would like to thank Marlene for all her hard work over the years.


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